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As I said in the initial article SUP is a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), which in my opinion and also of folks like Gartner, is the only way forward in multiple application mobilization and multiple device support. SUP abstracts the data access and Business Logic into Mobile Business Objects (MBO's) that take care of accessing, updating and deleting back end data. That data could be from files, corporate RDMS and other 3rd party systems such as SAP. If you are on LinkedIn and interested in MEAPs be sure to join the Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms group and take part in the discussions. Below is a high level architecture diagram of Sybase's MEAP the Sybase Unwired Platform. I can hear you all now... 'But what application was project going to build? What I decided to code was something that was created four years ago in Sybase PocketBuilder c... (more)

Developers Are Excited by the iPad and Plan New Apps

Last week I was able to get together a large group of iPhone Developers and I took the opportunity to question them on the newly announced iPad. Firstly a quick show of hands identified that approximately 30 of the group already had iPhone OS applications on the Apple AppStore, some of which had multiple apps. Cool... this was my starting point and a way to gauge actual community feeling. All of these developers were excited by the iPad and the mood amongst the group, was that this could be the start of a new app 'gold rush'. Over 90% were already looking into extending their cu... (more)

SAP Executive Interview with John Sims

At Mobile World Congress last week in Barcelona, I had the great fortune to interview... John Sims, President, Sybase 365 In this interview I find out... What the biggest challenges is to Sybase 365 operator customers today How Sybase 365 helps mobile operators address these challenges How Sybase 365 helps Enterprises embracing mobile as a channel to engage with customers Who are the core customers in mobile commerce business and what are the biggest challenges they are facing today Check out my interview here Please follow me on Twitter @ithain ... (more)

MEDC 2005

You may be asking yourself, what's happening in the Microsoft Windows Mobile space? Well, Reed Shilts (in his trademark Hawaiian and PocketBuilder slogan shirts) and I attended Microsoft's MEDC 2005, Mobile & Embedded Developers Conference, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 10-12, 2005, as an exhibitor. The purpose was to evangelize about Sybase UnWired Products along with iAnywhere. This event was a great success for Microsoft, as it was the first time that MEDC had been staged on its own, outside of another event. Last year it was part of VSLive (Visual Studio Live... (more)

Securing and Delivering Business Data on the iPhone

No one can doubt the success of Apple's iPhone, as it's now sold in over 70 countries and to date has well over 13 million units in use. I have been keeping a close watch and I'm sure that each one of us can say that they have seen one in use by a friend, neighbor and even a passerby in the street. It is my opinion that the success story has happened not just because the iPhone is a great device, but it is the all-around user experience that it creates which makes it so compelling! With the iPhone more than earning its place in the consumer market, it is now being adopted by cor... (more)