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iPhone Developer: Article

The Beauty of USB & Bluetooth on the iPhone

The iPod accessory business itself is already a $2Billion market

Soon the smart phone world will be changed because of the of iPhone OS 3.0. and the possibility of the integration of applications with a wide number of 3rd party hardware accessories. We all love our iPhone’s and also all the applications available on it, whether it’s Shazam, Monkey Ball or Facebook. iPhone is simply irresistible . The next release of the iPhone OS software brings with it even more fun but will also bring some very useful facilities.

Imagine how well it would be, to control almost any hardware device with your iPhone. Let’s take as an example a printer an external HDD a camera or even your TV. If we take this a step further, how about medical devices, like blood pressure devices or diabetes accessories.

Soon, a medical device manufacturer can build a blood pressure gauge accessory and associated software application that plugs direct into your iPhone or iPod touch and tracks your blood pressure over time, comparing it to a network of people with similar age/body/health types to give you a relative Wellness Score and underlying data in real time.

The iPod accessory business itself is already a $2Billion market, and there has really been no such thing as "software value-added" to the hardware accessory itself. Although now, when iPhone and iPod Touch exist in a market with over 40.000 applications available, it is simply the next big thing, which will blow away the current user experience.

I am just pulling a few different examples out of the air, but across the entertainment, medical, automobile and finance segments, it feels like the accessories for the iPhone OS 3.0 is going to generate a lot more than the $2Billion worth of iPod accessories.

It is certainly a very exciting time, for the hardware accessories manufacture, iPhone developers and last but not least the end users as these are the main consumers. I believe  this amazing Apple product with the fantastic, well structured App’s distribution channel (iTunes App Store), very soon will be integrated with other Smart Mobile devices.

That will place us much closer to the Japanese users for instance, who have been using the mobile phone as a payment method for many years now. USB and Bluetooth on the iPhone is now ready for integrations with other hardware accessories, which will create an ecosystem, which in the long term will enable us to use the iPhone or any other smart phone device as a personalised device as it will contain lots of digital information about its user.

Therefore, be ready for the next generation iPhone OS 3.0 and personally I cannot wait for the time when I will be able to get on the train and buy my ticket using my iPhone or go to Tate Gallery in New York, dock my iPhone to the local dock station to access the whole Tate interactive guide. And finally, at last, gain control of my home entertainment system!

More Stories By Marek Miesiac

Marek works as Head of Web for Six Creative, a Creative Agency. Primarily Marek’s focus is web/digital/new media strategy; he is also very involved in product design, development and testing. He has worked within the new media industry for over 9 years. He has worked for few highly talented interactive agencies, and he also has at one time run his own Digital Agency.

Marek is a big fan of social media, rich internet applications and mobile solutions. At the moment his exclusive focus is on the iPhone App’s design and development. His core business used to be web design and development, but since the smart phone market became the next big thing and Apple created their fantastic distribution channel, Marek decided to focus on that particular, very fast growing media.

Apart from his day to day job, Marek is also very involved in collaboration with various forums, conferences, where he is often invited as a speaker to explain the power of branding and how it can be complemented with either a mobile or a web solution. Marek also contributes articles to .NET Magazine (UK issues) as well as Mac World and a few other trade magazines.

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